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I'm a writer; originally from Norway, now in Brazil most of the time. Interested in developing social media brands and solutions that may explode post-Twitter, privacy, freedom of speech, dogs, yoga, and anarchocapitalism/liberalism.

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This article shows the importance of actually printing alternative lines of narrative: so that readers may *see* how the crime could have been commited.

Narrative building is not just negative, it is also tangent to truth.

""Diante dessas novas informações, fica clara que existe um crime em curso no país e que Manu e Greenwald são cúmplices…"

After Manuela Davila has compromised herself in interrogations, four llawyers not Glenn Greenwalds own, have entered with a Haebus Corpus plea. For the US hacktivist. Why? Laywers do not do this for other people who are not paying. Greenwald is blackmailing them, in all likelyhood.

Folha de SP started their witch hunt on Bolsonaro just after he started cutting the ad spending with them after having claimed they were working against him during the elections. Which they most likely did toegether with pollster Datafolha.

This is not idle speculation, nor assering facts. But there are so many hidden factors at play that you have to be duped to believe, like NYT, that Glenn Greenwald is an idealist looking for truth. He is part of this story, and his husbnand is a politician for the extreme left. How did he get his seat in congress? Ask Jean Wyllys and Manuela Davila. Yes. She uttered the name of Wyllys in interrogations. Why? Hmm. There are too many coincidences here, and they all point to Glenn Greenwald.

International journalists on Brazil must pay attention now and start analyszing their own biases. They are guilty of letting Lula off the hook. The Economist is most likely corrupted
or severly biased - they started the whole fight against Bolsonaro; perhaps a paid job, paid for by the BR taxpayer, via the thieveing fingers of Lula - the biggest swindler in Brazilian history.

She has already given the name of Jean Wyllys to the police, accroding to the video source in this thread. This is very suspect as she could have mentioned anybody but the guy who left a lucrative and imortant seat in congress for the husband of Glenn Greenwald. Then he escapes Brazil.

Brazil: Manuela Davila is interrogated by the police.

Personal opinion/journalistic commentary: I think the president of Brazil has been blackmailed by Glenn Greenwald and Lula/PT. And that Davila contracted these *hackers* with Leandro Demori. The real hacking job was done by Greenwald through Snowden, or other Russian hackers. Greenwald is a spy in my opinion, paid by Putin. Objective: To venezualize Brazil. .

What is happening in Brazil now it's a scandal. But if you live outside of Brazil you may think this is about Glenn Greenwald being protected but the principle of free speech. That however is a narrative. Greenwald has blackmailed the Brazilian Supreme Court with his 1000 phone hacks. NYT, The Guardian, CNN, etc, are all behind Greenwald.

Journalistic commentary: The Brazilian Supreme Court is a group of people - recruited by others who want to keep the corruption afloat. I need to mention that this txt is journalism, because if not I risk that the speciasl investigations unit of the BR Supreme Court investigates me, tries and judges me for saying that I think that most of them are corrupted.

Why are no international journalists talking? Cowards.

Streaming American Truck Simulation on Twitch! *in 3 mins*, after I roll my joint*

Comment by wefarrell on HN on an article about FB/Twitter thinking about removing likes:

"Hiding the number of likes makes their algorithm less transparent. Removing transparency makes it harder to distinguish between paid content."

Never thought of it that way, but it makes sense 🤔

Hello geeks!

I am looking to give you money in exchange of installing and hosting PeerTube. Do you want to make money? Or are you fine? Produce a service for me to host my own videos using PeerTube, please. Thanks!

I have money, need a geek.

I want to talk to normal people not furry animals.

On the other hand, this resembles life. We have no say in whether or not to be born, are born, suffer, die. Few chances, few opportunities, just ... merde. Or not, and then you die, biatch. The problem is that Twitter is sexy and Mastodon sounds like an Eastern European intranet-solution -- and probably is.

I want to talk to normal people not furry animals.

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